Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

remembering when

this  was  where my grandmaw  lived  when I was a kid .   and as a kid , I thought it was a very big house.

Boy could my granny cook.
she cooked on a woodstove,
and the food that  would comeout of
it.  would make your mouth water.

We  would  all ways have Sunday dinner there,  and if ya didn't  eat  when  she  fixed something ,  you would  hurt her feelings , and  it didn't  matter you were.    I  loved  her homemaded bread  and her  sugar cookies.
There was this on time , I had spent the nite with  her .  and  the next morning  I woke  up , too  her  packing  a hog' head , passed the bedroom,   She was going  to make  headchesse that day.  
You would think  growing up as a county girl , that  I would  like to eat.  stuff  like that and  rabbit and squirrel , but I didn't.  but  she did and so did my dad.