Thursday, June 14, 2007

Green Acres Once More

growing up , we had a small farm, we had cows, goats , chickens, pigs,

and I loved to hear the sounds of the farm, the rooster crowing , well as dad got older and couldn't take care of them , he got rid of all of them but his mules and horses, and a donkey. but then he ( my dad) died 3 years ago, the farm died with him. and I have miss the sounds of the farm,

But now My husband and I live on my granny old place, and we are slowly getting back to the farm, we went and got some baby chicks,

then 3 days ago , some friends of ours give us some grow chickens ,

and a Rooster, and I got to hear the Rooster crow yesterday, it was sweet music ,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

just a swinging

come on in and have a sit down and rest a spell,

the days of the porch swing,

are all most gone, and that is sad, I remember as a kid, sitting on a swing with my grandmaw , snapping peas,

and making homemade ice, on summer days!