Thursday, November 15, 2012

persimmon seed

Dad, would always get a persimmon seed , and spilt it, to see what the winter would be like .
if  there was a knife,  it was going to bee VERy cold,   or the meat was going to bee so tuff ya had to cut it with a knife,
and if there  was a fork in it , it would be a mild  winter,  and ya could cut the meat  would be tender and sweet.
If there  was a  shovel in it ,  that ment a  DEEP snow!    and very little meat.

Then Dad , told  me there was one more sign that was in the seed , and if ya ever saw it ,  ya might as well
digg a hole in the ground  and cover up your head ,  and  that sign was a chainsaw!
I think  he was pulling  my leg, on that one.  :)

So  this year ,  DH and I  went to found a persimmon seed,  and see what the weather was to bee this year.
the first two persimmons we looked at , didn't have and seeds , because of the drought this year , they didn't grow .   So we tryed two more,  and this!