Thursday, June 22, 2006

tale of a donkey

there was this day, all long time ago, a man was walking down a country road, as sad as a person could be!

and as this man was waking down this road, he came upon , this here donkey, with his mouth stuck wide open, (the donkey) and the man asked the donkey how this happen,

and the donkey told the man, that he heard a joke, from the barnyard, and he laughed so hard that his jaw got stuck!

so beware don't go telling a joke, where a donkey can hear! :)


Northern Farmer said...

Where I'm making hay the last few days the neighbor has two donkeys so I'll remember not to crack jokes in that area. Don't want to ruin a donkeys day, eh!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sis,
I can get your blogs, but I still haven't received any of your emails!
Hope all is well. I'll try to call, tonight!

Rulan said...

lol. he he. Watch out donkeys, you better keep your hooves in your ears. lol.

dot said...

Love you blogs! The pictures are beautiful and this is a cute little story.