Saturday, February 10, 2007

new Family members

this are our new girls
miss patsy and miss maybell


Northern Farmer said...

Lookin good!

Anonymous said...

Pop would be so proud of the new addition! The Carter sisters?
Any kin to Clydie?

jazzycat said...

Pretty good for canines...

S.O. said...

Hey, I looked at your other blogsite (if that is a word)
I grew up with beagles. My dad had the best. He was a field trial man. back then we also gun hunted with them. Dad hated fast dogs, but soon the field trails got to where they were so slow that they just didn't seem to hunt.

I have always liked tree dogs. had some good squirrel dogs. Mutes and hounds. Silent and bawling trailers. Sold my best squirrel dog to get a coon dog. This was when there wasn't any coons in our neck of the woods. coon hunting was addicting for me. If I went tonight I would have to go tomorrow night too. When I started Bible college I sold my last coon dog and just don't go to the woods anymore. Got into horse riding for a bunch of years. Knee got bad and didn't do anything as sport. Knee replacement about a year ago and hope I am ready to get busy. Your beagles look good. Where do you live? Do you all gun hunt. haven't eaten a rabbit in years. I remember as a boy that was the best treat there was. Love fried squirrel too. Ate coon when I hunted them. Ramble, ramble.

jel said...

Hey S.O.
those are my husband dogs, and they are rabbit dogs,

my dad was a hunter, and I went on a couple of coon hunts with him when i was a kid, and it was fun, and to a part of life as a country girl, i never did like to eat rabbit or squirrel, i have ate coon, once :(
you can rammble all you want !
I live in the middle of Mo. in the country!
you have a great day!

jel said...
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Charmaine said...

Hi there, the dogs are very cute