Thursday, June 14, 2007

Green Acres Once More

growing up , we had a small farm, we had cows, goats , chickens, pigs,

and I loved to hear the sounds of the farm, the rooster crowing , well as dad got older and couldn't take care of them , he got rid of all of them but his mules and horses, and a donkey. but then he ( my dad) died 3 years ago, the farm died with him. and I have miss the sounds of the farm,

But now My husband and I live on my granny old place, and we are slowly getting back to the farm, we went and got some baby chicks,

then 3 days ago , some friends of ours give us some grow chickens ,

and a Rooster, and I got to hear the Rooster crow yesterday, it was sweet music ,


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you and the farm, sister! Now, you learn to make Grandma Susie's johnny cakes and sugar cookies and when I can afford to make it back we'll sit out on her porch and snap peas, stick copperheads in the heads with a file, and smack skunks on their heads with brooms and pretend we're half as brave as that dear lady was!
Love ya,

Felisol said...

Dear Jil,
how lucky you must be, to regain sweet memories from your childhood. Its just how life should be. When I was a child, from one to five, we wpent the summers on my grandfather's farm together with cousins and my mother's brothers and sisters. There were cows, a horse, sheep, hens and a cat. There were hay to be harvested, fish to caught in nets. And a rooster who used to pick on my brother. He simply could not let him be. Two years in a row we had rooster for dinner in grandma's huge kitchen...
Aren't you happy to have it all back, even if the times have changed.

photowannabe said...

Great shot and the colors are beautiful. When we were in Nicaragua the roosters started in at 2AM. I was not a happy person.

Sue said...

Sounds like good livin'!

laymond said...

jel I love both your blogs, but I like this one better.

jazzycat said...

Great photo. I love sunsets.

BJ said...

I've grown up to 4'10" in the City, I can't imagine being on a farm and what it might be like.
Love your site. HUGS
Your in my thoughts always.

jel said...

hey sis ,
we did have aome good times didn't we! :)

Felisol, bet ya ha some good times there! I had a grandma that lived in the country and on that lived in the city!

photowannabe~ bet ya wan't an hppy camper, this rooster doesn't crow that early, but i wouldn't matter
we get up at 3in the morning anyway! :)

it can be!

Laymond, thanks, glad ya like it!

thanks, hope all is well your way!

bj, hey girl,
it is quite at time ,
hope you 2 are well ,
was good to hear from ya!


preacherman said...

Great pic.
Sunset with trees and rooster.

jel said...


good to see ya out and about!

this picture has been on TV.

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

glad you took the time to check out my space place.
i like to take photos and have found it fun to put them on a photo blog, however,your idea of putting them on a web page of your own is very cool.

Maiju said...

I grew up in an old vicarage where we had a building for animals too. We had goats, ducks, cats and a horse. If our goats got kids during the winter they had to live in our bathroom in order to survive. They would jump on our coaches as they were mountains and they would follow us when we didi forest trips. I really enjoyed them. I LOVED HAVING A HORSE! Now my daughter is dreeming of a horse of her own but it's not possible to have one for us. What a pitty! Farm life sounds so interesting! Enjoy it!

Pastor Jim said...

I'll never forget the last day Grandma and Grandpa were on their farm. They had lived there for 60 years and it was time for them to move to "the city." They had a big auction and that evening we had our last bonfire out in one of the fields. It was a very sad day. The last time I went to go visit my Grandpa, we drove an extra 2 hours out of the way just to drive by the old farm.

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Jel...I love this picture. It's so makes we want to cry. Thank you for sharing the beauty which God has given you.

Elaine said...

I love this! Came here from a comment you left on Mike's (Ozarks Photos) blog. Nice to see another part of Missouri.

If you can see what I see said...

Those pics are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is simply matchless :)