Saturday, November 01, 2008


what I call roadhunting in the hills ;)


Cassie said...

every.single.night my dog barks because the deer are eating what's left of our garden. *twitch*

Anonymous said...

No wonder brother is getting an itchy trigger finger!! To gaze at that from your front porch would be hard for even me not to think of deer steak, burger, and chili! Yum!!

Terry said...

Dear Jel...I hate hunting season in Ontario.
To most it is just a drinking brawl! They shoot at anything that moves, even some cows!
This picture that you shot with your camera should be the only kind of hunting season there SHOULD be nowadays.
Do you know Jel that by the time the hunters here pay for their licence and their travel and all the beer, they spend more money than they save by killing deers...Not, not nice!...Love Terry

PS. If a family really depends on hunting and it isn't just a sport to them, I know that this is God's a intention but if it is only a sport, what's the reason?...Love Terry

jel said...

out here we hunt for food! :)