Thursday, April 30, 2009

purty road

Missouri country side


Anonymous said...

Is that on your land, Janice? It's gorgeous. What a blessing to live there!

jel said...

hay sis, that's were I grew up, and now i live just up the road from here!


Felisol said...

Dear jel,
thank you for being with us in prayer.
Nothing works faster or stronger.
I take it's Montana landscape we are admiring on these pictures.
You are just a tiny week behind us in spring spouting.

Did I tell that my granddad lived for 18 years in Montana. He read Big Timer News for the reat of his life..
From Felisol

Chris said...


jel said...

thanks chris,

Felisol, that is Missouri,landscape.

Anonymous said...

Baby Bro is doing a fine job mowing the homestead! How is the leveling area Gary did? Hope it's easier for him to mow! I finally figured out how to get back to this site since I switched providers! What a pain!