Saturday, May 23, 2009


I lived down a deadend dirtroad, my whole childhood years.

And i loved it! I don't remember my grandpaw, butI do my grandmaw, she lived in

the house , that I live in now, it was built back in the 40's I think , didn't have a indoor bathroom, until the "70" but anyway

living that far out, ya didn't see that many people. and if ya did see someone coming down

the road back then, ya knew that they were coming to see you! But those days are gone,

Now I'm grown and married, living in my Grandmaw's house, ( I still call it that) and hear

a car coming down the road, ya don't know if they are coming for a visit or just checking the place out! they go on down to the end and turn around or trun around in the driveway!

I miss them old days


Mark said...

It's a great life in the country!

Chris said...

I miss all that green. I'm live in the desert southwest now. Hope all is well!

Calfkeeper said...

If they make it all the way down to your place, jel, they REALLY must be lost, or they are just sight-seeing. Ha. Sure wish I lived down a gravel road.

Anonymous said...

I loved this! Lucky you to live in that house. I miss the days when people used to drop by.