Friday, June 12, 2009

new babys

Got some new Babys the other day, and boy are they loud! these little babys are called "CHERRY EGGERS" they say they are good egg layers ,


Anonymous said...

They are soooo cute! Alyssa, Nicole, and Leland's other grandma has baby chickens and new puppies, plus she already had rabbits, but they still love me! But you know where they want to go first!Boo-Hoo!

jel said...

hey sis,

think of it this way, they loves ya for Uself :)

Mark said...

Congrats! Hope all is well. We are getting some big storms today.

David said...

are these Rhode Island Reds?

Kevin said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog. We are all fine. How are things for you? I don't know how you manage to maintain 3 blogs. i can barely keep up with one!