Friday, August 21, 2009

gooseberry pie

made a gooseberry pie yesterday, as you can tell, it don't last long here.

Not one of my favs but one of my DH and mom's, it's one that ya love or hate.

Some like it sweet,and some like it sour.

here ya go KC, heres that slice of gooseberry pie , hope ya had a cool bday! :)


David said...

:-) yum

Mark said...

Looks, Oh so good! Mouth watering....

Kc said...

May God bless you sweet sister! That sure looks good! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You can always pack it in ice and send it to your hot NVSIS!(My car thermometer read 126 on Wed. Today, were having a freeze @ 106!Ha! I think I loved going gooseberry picking with Grandma Susie more than anything. Is that bush still by the fence line between Ivors and her place. There was a good grape vine back there, too. yum! I like it with just a little bite!

William Cross said...

That surely does look mouth watering. Jaime made a applesauce cake this weekend and that never lasts long in this house either.

God bless!