Tuesday, December 01, 2009

CHRISTmas time


Anonymous said...

We have about 6 inches of snow, today, and it's still coming down. We got a snow day called and I can't remember the last time we had one!

whispers said...

Hi Jel,
just to say love the pic and I have a new blog (cant sign in the other - drop by sometime old and new stuff on there)

Wish we had snow instaed of all this rain


David said...

all God's blessings to you and yours

jeleasure said...

it's me, JEL! Nice blog. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out how I can actually post again on blogger. If you like, we can link up. Merry Christmas!
To explain, I will more than likely always post partial articles and link to Examiner. Reason, is, I can keep up with old blogging pals and still devote my time to writing for Examiner.com. I can't post all of the same material on both and I get paid to post on Examiner.com.

jeleasure said...

Hey JEL,
JEL here. I will say, tis a heart warming picture.
Also, I added your link. Thanks for adding mine.
Is there another blog you would like to link with. I think you have three. Send me the info. Thanks
Also, are you able to link to my editorial page? I would just like to know, because so far, I have had 31 page views for the day on Blogger. My editorial page is for charity. I figure in a year, I may earn a few hundred dollars, minus what PayPal will take, then. Then, I will have to claim it as a charitable gift. Honestly, there is no money in this for a career. My page at examiner.com may earn five to ten dollars a week. So, if people click on the invitation to continue reading, the page view earns a credit. Depending on some formula I have not been able to figure out, will depend on how much my credits earn. At the end of next year, I will post what I did with the money. I will even deliver a screen shot of my account, if you request it.