Thursday, February 04, 2010

6 year

hey dad ,

it's hard to think of ya being gone six years now!

every time i look up the road, I think of you coming back from a ride on your mule, but know that will never happen!
I do have my memories to fall back on!


Felisol said...

I miss my Dad too, Jel.
He's been gone for 2 1/2 years. There's not a day I do not think of him, or miss him.
I know for sure I shall meet him again some day.
He taught my the way and how to climb the mountains upwards.

Guess we both have been more than average lucy with our dads.
Longing is the price we pay.
From Felisol

She Writes said...

Funny how we look in familiar places for who we miss, even when they will never be there again. The heart still looks.

Anonymous said...

He lives on in so many ways! Jake and I know his spirit is alive and well in his almost 3 year old name sake! He even has the mouth on him!He hasn't been a sailor in this lifetime anyway! Ha

whispers said...

It's been nearly a year to the day when my dad pasted away.
When it's time for him to come home from work and I am at my mother's house, thats when it's difficult as we all watch the door knowing he's not coming through it - but its habit.

God Watch over you and bless you