Sunday, March 21, 2010

gone hunting

going after supper


Anonymous said...

You are missing him really bad, I can tell. It's harder watching mom and how she's slipped since he's been gone! Dad enjoyed what he had and would have gladly gone another 75, but mom didn't get to live her life on her own terms like Poppy did. It will be harder for me to come to grips when her time comes, because of that. For you dealing with her daily it has to be draining, but you'll be blessed. I hope you have great memories and pictures to share then, I'll need them as much as this touch my soul!
Love ya,

Walt said...

Yeah, I've got a few pictures, including my favorite, of my dad and his brothers walking along a two-track with rifle or shotgun. In fact I can look at the one of him and our beagle, Pot, from where I'm sitting.

Who knows? Maybe the good Lord will let the three of us do a little rabbit hunting when I report in.