Wednesday, August 18, 2010


in the last post, I told ya that dad and his bro. love to hunt and fish. well here is some of the fish they got on one of their many fishing trips, some times they would spend all night a fishing !


Anonymous said...

You would think the size of those catfish would make them smile, but they'd probably been up all night to catch them and were just tired. Wouldn't that taste good all battered and fried!

Dave said...

They are decent sized fish Jel! - Dave

jel said...

ya know they never were much on a smile, M more then dad.

they were :)

Mark said...

Wow!! That's some fish!!!

Anonymous said...

they sure did like going to Truman lake

David Meigs said...

Nice catch! I'm sure your dad and I could of had a lot of fun fishing and such. :-)

jel said...

Hey David M,
I think ya would have had some good fishing with them too! :)

Rulan said...

Hi sis,
Looks like they caught some nice fish.