Friday, April 01, 2011


today would have been my  dad's  bday, and he would have loved to watch  these  pups grow.


Mountain Mama said...

They certainly are growing and so cute! There must be something special between dad's and pups. Mine loved them too, but so do I.

Anonymous said...

He is watching them grow, sister, he is! How did mom do yesterday? She was implying someone's not letting her be free, again. I know it's been very hard on you, but you are and will continue to be blessed for helping her!

Anonymous said...

Aunt jel
I see they are giving their mom a break. Won't be long and you will have take them hunting.
oh and everything is good here. working a lot of hours.

Kathy M. said...

I'm sorry for your loss on this day, Jel. Your pups are precious. Hugs.

jel said...

Hey MM,
I agree with ya there! :)

hi sis,
love ya!

hey jamie, they are still trying to get her down, and they are getting big enough to do it!
glad ya doing good,

thanks Kathy M,
it's hard to belive that he has been gone 7 years,
they are cute , but they are getting rowdy ! :)

JT said...

Beautiful puppies and a good post.

The Cast said...

Got any recent pics of the pups?