Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We went to visit, Dh's  sister and bro~in~law last sat.
I try to take my camera along cause she, always  as something new in her yard.
well heres a  bell that has been there a while, and it has always made me think  of Texas.

Well  when  we got there,  we saw that there was somthing new there, that made me think of
Texas even more!   long horn cattle. ( they live in Mo. by the way)     click on photo to make larger


Anonymous said...

So, it was in-laws yard that you got those great flower pics on your myplace blog. beautiful!

FishHawk said...

We have a bell like that, but it's still in the box that my mom packed it in for us, which was probably 11-12 years ago. Yeah, I am ashamed.

Most of the Longhorns that I have tried to work back when I still could can get plumb mean. Not as bad as Santa Gertrudises, but plenty bad enough for me.