Friday, July 15, 2011

our tater crop

well this is our tater crop,  got  enough for a mess!
the weather just  hasn't  been that good .


Anonymous said...

Just enough for the 2 of you! Wedding count down is on. Jim's been so tired, he's nervous about the location an his ablility to not have his knee buckle, again! This has been mentally and physically tough on him and me!! Pray!!

jel said...

sis, wish we could be there!
LV ya

Andrew Clarke said...

I hope the weather takes a big turn for the better. In Australia we had a hot summer last year and it was a waste of time trying to grow anything except weeds.

Mountain Mama said...

I haven't dug my potatoes yet. Not even any blossoms. Cool spring made everything slow.

Merle said...

Howdy Jel ~~ Nice crop of potatoes
you have there. And it is great that you are growing vegetables as they taste so much nicer than bought stuff
I hope you get a good crop of tomatoes. Thanks for your comments and your wishes for my son-in-law's
trip to Holland. Take care my friend,
Love and Hugs, Merle.

Anonymous said...

yum, good crops!