Friday, August 26, 2011

Been thinking of my dad , here lately.
this  is a picture ,I took   of him  a long time ago and a good friend of our family wrote the  poem..

it's  been  7 year ago.

click on the picture to read the words.


FishHawk said...

This a wonderful tribute. From both of you.

Dave said...

Good memories Jel - Dave

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this? Great pic of Poppy! Sorry you're having trouble with your phone and internet. Hope it's up soon so you can respond!
Sorry Stan didn't get to hear my bithday song!

john malone said...

it's a beautiful song/poem. did you write it? dad would have been proud of it. I hope when I go someone writes a nice tribute to me :)

jel said...

thanks for stoppin by FishHawk, and Dave.

hey sis, a friend of dad's daughter worte the poem.

hey John Malone,
I took the picture of him , and friend worte the poem,

and i say when the time comes (hope a long time from now) they will write something nice about ya!