Friday, November 11, 2011

putting food on the table

Well it's that time again,   hunting time.  
and he was good at it,   daddy  love to hunt.


FishHawk said...

Be assured that hunting is something that I dearly miss, and what makes it even worse is that I was starting to enjoy just being out in the woods right before I was unable to get out there anymore. For before, I considered it a waste of time when I didn't bring home something to eat, with the same thing applying even more to fishing.

David Edward Linus said...

Good way to feed a family, good times outdoors, too! God blessed us with lots of game... its all for good.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did and yes he was! God rest his soul, Lets pray he's up there with his brothers,sisters, daughter, mom, dad, and all his fine friends looking out for our family and friends that are out there trying to feed and keep part of the American Dream alive!

Rulan said...

Hi sis.

Thinking of you.