Thursday, November 15, 2012

persimmon seed

Dad, would always get a persimmon seed , and spilt it, to see what the winter would be like .
if  there was a knife,  it was going to bee VERy cold,   or the meat was going to bee so tuff ya had to cut it with a knife,
and if there  was a fork in it , it would be a mild  winter,  and ya could cut the meat  would be tender and sweet.
If there  was a  shovel in it ,  that ment a  DEEP snow!    and very little meat.

Then Dad , told  me there was one more sign that was in the seed , and if ya ever saw it ,  ya might as well
digg a hole in the ground  and cover up your head ,  and  that sign was a chainsaw!
I think  he was pulling  my leg, on that one.  :)

So  this year ,  DH and I  went to found a persimmon seed,  and see what the weather was to bee this year.
the first two persimmons we looked at , didn't have and seeds , because of the drought this year , they didn't grow .   So we tryed two more,  and this!


Jamie said...

looks like you better keep the wood close to the house.
See you in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Our WalMart had the biggest ones I've ever seen, yum. Jon does our shopping & he picked them out without being ask he just thought a hillbilly would like them. He was right!

jel said...

the simmons at wally world, are big, but they are tame ones. and got more meat too them.

the wild ones are small.

Tom Scepaniak said...

I go by your forcast and then just add more snow and cold :)

jel said...

so far we have had a little snow.
BUT a lot of Cold, burrrrr!

take care