Friday, March 31, 2006


saturday would

have been my dad's birthday!

we lost 2 years ago.

and this is what he love to do ride his mules !


Anonymous said...


jel said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the coffee this morning, and tell your little brother, thanks for the checker game, oh stan love the candy, :)

see ya sunday!

thanks for stoping by!

Anonymous said...

I called mom this morning to see how she was doing on Pop's 80th. She was waiting for Anita to take her up to put flowers on his grave.
This site is precious! Nice to know someone is so talented in the family! Did you go to Jake and Kristina's tie the knot spot? I love their picture. It was taking at my friends Regina and Ed Brush's 50th.
Love ya,

jel said...

Hey sis
glad you could come by for a while,

and yes I get it last nite, and left a note for them!

love sis
take care God bless

Rulan said...

Great photos of your dad. May your heart be full of memories of good times.
God bless.