Monday, March 20, 2006



jazzycat said...

Nice photo.... I got a buffalo in a pasture a couple of years ago, but not in a nice snow scene. I don't see much snow...

jel said...

thanks jazzycat,
that is 2 pictures in 1, it is a picture of the pond down below my dad and mom's place, and the buffalo I took from a picture I took a few miles from my house, and I put the 2 together.
1 of these days I would like to take a picture with the buffalo in the wild!
take care have a great day
God bless

Tom said...

In our first church in western KAnsas we had a deacon that raised buffalo. One morning I got out of the car, turned around and there was one staning about 12 feet from me! We just stared at each other for what seemed an hour (20 seconds, tops) and he turned and walked away.

jel said...

hay Tom, I love to watch Buffalo, they are an Awesome animal!
we thought about getting some to rise, but they are a BIG Animal :)

thanks for stopping by,oh and please tell your wife hi from me, thanks.
take care and God Bless!

curious servant said...

This one is especially nice.

jel said...

CS, thanks friend
and thanks for stoping by

take care
God Bless