Thursday, March 02, 2006


hi this is a test run,
I'm a hillybilly, and I love to live in the country,


Rulan said...

Oh wow, so cool.
I love the photo and I love the country.

jel said...

thanks rulan,
Thank God I'm country girl!:)

G~ said...

I'm a hillbilly (altho probably depends on who you in Kentucky. If I could, I'd move way off in a hilly holler and live off the land. ;)

Love the picture.

Um, I forget how I got here I am. ???

Anyhow, love your pix!!


John said...

I think this is one you sent me, isn't it? Beautiful-looks like the farm I grew up on.

jel said...

hey g glad you did clicked by,
I went though Kentucky on a road trip, a few years back, and it reminded me alot of missouri, very nice place!
thanks for the visit,
take care!