Friday, March 03, 2006

foggy days

life in the country, can be sweet, and it can be ruff!
really ruff, when you have to get up early in the morning,
from a nice warm bed, and have to get in the very cold air,
and do the chores, I just love the the country life!


Rulan said...

Hi Janice,
I too love the country life, but I'm not so keen on the chores.
Have a great day and keep warm.

jel said...

how it going Rulan,
it's not bad here, you have a good one :)

John said...

This picture reminds me of my uncle's farm when I was a wee lad and we would butcher hogs on a day like this. They let me do the shooting. I know! I know!

jel said...

hey John,
din't ya just love those days,
my grandma would make headchesse,
out of the hogs head . don't that sound good :)

Rebekah Christine said...

Hey Janice -thanks for stopping by at Rebekah's! We are country folk too - we live in West Virginia/Kentucky Oregon. Very expensive house on one side, 100 year old home across the street and meth selling trailer and shack trash on the other side (working on doing something about them). Gotta love the country. Only my mid-west friends understand that!

-Scott (Rebekah's Daddy)

jel said...

Howdy Scott,
hey thanks for coming by, we love living in the country,

been thanking God for you and your family, since I came a long Rebekah's Bog, praying you and family have a great weekend trip!
take care
god bless

jazzycat said...

I really like your photography. Do you do digital or scan photos?

I try to post a photo per day at my site. I have gone all digital, but some like the Colorado photos were scanned photos.

jel said...

Howdy Jazzycat :)
cool name! and thanks,
I scan my photos, I haven't jumped to digital let, ( hope I won't have to :(
thanks for stoping by! came by and time!

God Bless

Beverly said...

That picture reminds me of a time when I was five. We went to my grandparents' house in north Florida. It was cold and in December as I recall. I followed my grandpa out to the pig pen where he shot a hog...all day long was spent making sausage and stuff. It stays in my mind until today.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

jel said...

hi Beverly,
yes I remember those days well:)and miss them at times. that was my dad, in the picture!
thanks for stoping by
you have a great weekend!

take care and God bless